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This book is about the basis of Reality. It brushes apenetrating, original and wide view to answer the deepestquestions about the mysteries of life. The writing has beenmotivated by live experiences leading to a personal understandingof what is mostly considered as unknown. It goesfrom the nature of our physical world, of the working of thesenses, to a detailed description of life after death. It brushesto the concept of God, Soul, and how we form our destiny.The scope raises boldly above religions and science, in amost direct style, easy to understand. This convincing anddense expression will highlight new perspectives at manyre-readings.A first reader wrote: “Amazingly fantastic, mind blowing”.
The author is a Ph.D. In Physics. Heloves manual labor like building his house,doing electronics, computer programming,gardening. He is passionate at makingmost beautiful sound for organ music. Hehas worked in industrial research laboratoriesand in Nuclear medicine. He hasdone teaching in science and spirituality.
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ISBN 9782981784308
Author Yves Petit-Clerc
Format 5.25 x 8
Page number 152
Publication date 2018-12
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